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This course is designed for students who would like to learn the master skill of hair stroke by machine. This technique involves using a digital machine to create the hair stroke and requires very precise hand movement. You will also learn how to add shading to complete this look.


What you'll learn

A more gentle technique than traditional microblading, this procedure is perfect for those with sensitive and finer skin texture as it involves less trauma to the skin.

Very few artists offer this technique as it is highly specialised.



No beauty therapy or medical qualifications is required

Please note, “Maintain Infection Control” is required in the states of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania
& W.A and we do strongly recommend all students to obtain this.

There is an online course available through TAFE or a number of other online companies. Recognition
of Prior Learning (RPL) is available. Please contact us to discuss.


Duration, pricing and Inclusions

3 DAYS / $4,497