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Micro Needling

Also known as Collagen Induction. Many shallow punctures penetrate the epidermis resulting in temporary trauma to the skin inducing a supply of growth factors that stimulate the production of collagen and elastin. We induce a process of skin regeneration without removing the healthy epidermis - a risk that occurs with other resurfacing techniques, meaning this treatment can be performed more regularly.

Skin needling has the ability to treat sensitive areas that other treatments should avoid. For example, lower eyelids and neck.

Skin needling is a skin regeneration treatment without chemical damage. This procedure supplies nutrition to the cells by stimulating the natural process of wound healing to result in natural collagen production. As a result the skin feels smoother and tighter and more glowing.

This procedure can break down scar tissue, strengthen epidermal/dermal junction, preserve dermal papillae, optimise cell function and communication.

There is slight redness for a couple of hours post procedure with most people returning to work the following day.

A course of 3 or 6 treatments is generally recommended.


What you'll learn

The course includes:
- Theory of skin anatomy and contraindications, hands on procedure, how to provide consultation and aftercare instruction.
- You will work on 5 x live model.



No beauty therapy or medical qualifications is required

Please note, “Maintain Infection Control” is required in the states of Queensland, Victoria, Tasmania
& W.A and we do strongly recommend all students to obtain this.

There is an online course available through TAFE or a number of other online companies. Recognition
of Prior Learning (RPL) is available. Please contact us to discuss.


Duration, pricing and Inclusions

2 DAY / $1,499 (no machine or product included)
2 DAY / $2,499
(Including Machine, 10 x Needle Cartridge, 1 x 50mil Serum, 1 x 100mil Cleanser and 5 x 5mil Healing Balm1)